The primary motivation for expectant mothers to visit Peek A Boo Baby Ultrasounds during pregnancy is to discover the gender of their baby, making it the most common reason for their visit.

This is an incredibly thrilling phase in pregnancy, often accompanied by abundant anticipation and excitement from both the mother and her family. We frequently encounter two common questions: "How early can you determine the gender?" and "How long does it take to see the gender?" Rest assured, we can typically determine the gender starting at 14+ weeks, and it is usually a straightforward process. The duration of the ultrasound session, however, depends on the baby's positioning. In most cases, we are able to visualize the gender within a few minutes. Once we identify the gender, our commitment doesn't end there. We continue scanning and examine the gender from multiple angles to ensure accurate determination.

If you're coming to Peek A Boo Baby Ultrasounds for gender determination and it's your first visit, you may be curious about what to expect. As you step through our doors, prepare to be warmly welcomed by our exceptional front desk staff, who are dedicated to ensuring you feel at ease and at home during your visit. We understand that anticipation may be running high, so we strive to create a comfortable and comforting environment for you while you await your scan.

When the moment arrives for your scan, you will be ushered into a spacious and welcoming room, designed to create a cozy atmosphere. We understand the significance of including your loved ones in this experience, so we have ample seating, including comfortable couches, for your family and friends to join and observe alongside you. We recognize the importance of involving soon-to-be big sisters and big brothers as well, so we warmly welcome them to accompany you to your appointment. Everyone will have the opportunity to witness the ultrasound on our expansive screen, allowing your family to share in the excitement and joy with you.

During the scanning process, we will initially display the baby in 2D, regardless of whether you scheduled a 4D/HD ultrasound. This is because gender determination is always done in 2D. In fact, in order to obtain a 4D or HD image, we need to begin with a 2D scan. Depending on the baby's position, we will prioritize either examining the gender or listening to the heartbeat. Rest assured, our experienced staff will guide you through each step to ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable ultrasound experience.

Once we have successfully identified the gender of your baby, we will excitedly announce it and direct your attention to the screen, highlighting the gender for you to see. However, if you are planning a gender reveal party, we will happily accommodate your wishes. In that case, we will temporarily turn off the projector screen while we discreetly determine the gender and capture images for the big reveal. We will then place the gender pictures in an envelope, allowing your family and friends to partake in planning the special moment. Once this is accomplished, we will resume the ultrasound on the projector screen, enabling you to marvel at your baby's delightful kicks and movements. We will also dedicate time to save precious images for you to take home as cherished keepsakes. After the ultrasound session, feel free to indulge in the joy of shopping for your little one!

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